RBOZ-030 PALADIN - 2007 Phenotype Contest Entry
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Aegis Defensive Industries promotional campaign flyer
Finally, after nearly six weeks, Paladin #12, "Helic's Hammer" is completed!


body, head, weapons, legs, tail, command cockpit
inner head piping, SACOM antenna, landing pads,
engine room details, shell support detail

tailgunner station & the hammer!

neck piping, bolts

Gojulas Giga
head & tail spikes, bolts

Elephander (x2)
turret gunner stations, leg vent systems

head hinge system

command canopy, shell support details

shell ventalation details

Salamander Bombvyrn
flak cannon system

flack cannon system

Black Rhimos
head armor

power regulator

eye sockets & armor

outrigger cannons; turret #1

outrigger cannons; turret #2

Special Appearances
(non-Zoid models)

Imperial Walker AT-AT
primary turret housing, SATCOM tower, vulcan cannon housing, command center seats & control surfaces.

turret elevation system

Dougram Crab Gunner
vulcan cannon ammunition drum

Micronauts Baron Karza
vulcan cannon exhaust turbine

A Whole Lot of Styrene!!!!
150mm cannons, shell supports,
gunner station armor, part filling

Cabinet Bumpers
AEGIS armor nodes

Special Effects Unit

don't leave home without one

Iwata HP-C
spray it good

Thomas Air Compressors
rockin' rollin' and rumblin'

Hewlett Packard
custom logo printing

Adobe Illustrator
custom logo design

the enamal of the pros

Built for
Chassis: Ankylosaurus
Power Plant: RBOZ-030 (Royal Batallion Zoid, Class 10)
Primary Mission: Artillery Assault Platform
Secondary Mission: Command Station
Crew:  7 (minimum rank requirement: Major)
Length: 35.2 meters
Width: 19 meters
Height: 20.2 meters
Mass: 460 tons

Speed: 120 KPH
The physical combat capability was greatly enhanced with a surround of hardened alloy spikes sheathing the 150mm rail cannons, six energized impact blades and the massive tail hammer; a pair of enhanced gravity cores sealed within 40cm of dense armor plating. The huge 360mm cannons were mounted to a pair of dorsal turrets and the 150mm rail guns arrayed around it, granting the Zoid redundant 360 degree arcs of firepower

400mm Field Mortar (x3) – torso, integrated construction, rear fixed
A triple array of huge 400mm mortars are mounted within the engine compartment with the ammunition magazines housed beneath the turret mechanics.  The field mortars were designed to afford the Paladin shattering indirect firepower to break an enemy position.  Each magazine holds only five rounds of ammunition, obviously for breaking positions, not sustained bombardment.  The mortars have a range of 30 kilometers, however, and a single round will reduce a target upwards of 200 tons to scrap metal.

360mm High-Speed Cannon (x4) – 2 dorsal turrets, Turret #1: forward arc, 200° rotation, 40° elevation, Turret #2: 360° rotation, 60° elevation
The original Ultrasaurus heavy artillery cannons were transitioned into the Paladin, but the new arrangement offers something the old formation lacked; 360° targeting of multiple targets simultaneously. Though the forward guns are limited to only 200°, it's 200° more than the Ultrasaurs could manage, and the aft turret is unlimited in its target tracking capability.  Each gun is still capable of pounding an Iron Kong to parts in moments, and with a range of 18 kilometers, they aid the Paladin in causing destruction over a lot of territory.

250mm Extended Range Shock Cannon (x2) – dorsal Turret #1: forward arc, 200° rotation, 100° elevation
Energy weapons with a range of 10 kilometers, the shock cannon delivers a superheated bolt of power that melts through armor while shorting out electrical systems.  The cannons offer a high powered solution without the limitations of ammunition.

200mm Broad-Bore Charged Particle Bolt Cannon (x2) – tail and head mounted, integrated construction, rear and front arc, 120° rotation, 30° elevation
The original Ultrasaurus charged particle cannon was modified for the lower profile of the RBOZ-030.  An Ultrasaurus can swing its head widely and hose an enemy down, the Paladin's squat frame and limited neck arc required a weapon that could deliver the same damage but faster.  The weapon charges and compresses just before firing as a solid bolt of power.  It has a great deal of punch but the range is short and the accuracy can be lacking.  Unlike the Ultra, the Paladin is armed with one gun port forward and one aft.  Both are powered through the same source, however, and use of one will prevent the use of the other until the system can recover.

180mm APEX Cannon (x2) – dorsal Turret #2: forward arc, 360° rotation, 100° elevation
Considered a "close-in" weapon, the gun can loose a pair of 180mm APEX (Armor Piercing EXplosive) rounds every second.  The rear of each unit holds a drum of 40 rounds of ammo.  With a range of only 7 kilometers, the Paladin is fortunate their accuracy is excellent.  A single cannon can fire a single round, or the pair fan fire bursts.  Their enhanced elevation and accuracy makes them useful for firing at large airborne targets.

150mm SB Rail Cannon (x8) – 4 lateral batteries of 2 guns, integrated construction, 180° horizontal arc
The innovative punch surrounding the Paladin, each heavy cannon is belt fed through the armored support structure, 100 rounds of armor piercing death.  Each osmium core round leaves a squared barrel at hypervelocity; enough to carry through a Red Horn with such force the entry wound would be smaller than the shot, the exit wound... would be most of the opposite side.   Though the rounds can greatly damage lighter targets up to 15 kilometers, accuracy is really limited to only 5 or so kilometers.  Once fired the weapon must cool for almost a full minute before another round can be shot.

150mm SB-ER Rail Cannon (x8) – 2 lateral batteries of 4 guns, integrated construction, 180° horizontal arc
As with the SB cannon, above, but the Extended Range version draws the accurate range to 8 kilometers and the damaging range to 25 kilometers.  The increased power also requires a further 15 seconds of cooling per salvo.  It should also be noted that the heavy, hardened alloy gun barrels are designed to be used as a close-combat weapon array capable of eviscerating larger units and denying smaller Zoids from many physical attacks.

100mm "Thunderstorm" Cyclic Cannon (x8) – torso, forward arc, fixed
A weapon of awe and terror, this one cannon gives the Paladin the firepower of a battalion of Imperial Sabers.  This weapon pounds targets 6 kilometers away with armor piercing shells at the rate of 60 rounds per second.  The ammunition drum carries 2,500 rounds.  The gun system alone weighs near 30 tons; more than many Zoids.

75mm Automatic Flak Cannon (x2) – tail turret, rear arc, 360° rotation, 180° elevation
The tail mounted flaks bear a unique mechanical configuration.  Each flak holds a magazine of only 10 rounds of caseless ammunition and is able to empty the clip in less than 10 seconds.  Once devoid of rounds the guns are raised 90 to the tail.  Beneath each gun lies an armored hatch which will then open and a cluster of 10 new rounds are mechanically loaded into the flaks.  In this each gun truly has 70 rounds, each capable of ranges up to 5 kilometers with an armor shredding explosion radius of almost 50 meters.

50mm Defensive Beam Gun (x6) – 2 lateral batteries of 3, tail mounted, 160° elevation
Along each side of the inward tail segment is a battery of three beam guns of moderate power.  These guns are built to engage light and medium-rated targets, as well as heavier aerial units.  With a range of only 2 kilometers they are truly intended for defensive use, but with an excellent hit and kill ratio.

50mm Linear Beam Gun (x2) – head mounted, forward arc, integrated construction
A short ranged defense gun similar to those mounted on the tail.  It is intended that, should lighter enemy units approach the Paladin to within a kilometer, the RBOZ-030 need not expend more potent weapons to curtail them.

"Ranger" Anti-Armor Missile (x12) – torso mounted, rear arc, 180° elevation
Two batteries of 6 missiles are mounted on the hips, and are just as capable at targeting Zoids on land or in air.  The Ranger missile has a range of 15 kilometers and delivers an armor defeating sabot warhead.

"Griever" Long Range Tactical Missile (x8) – torso, forward arc, fixed
Formerly the greatest long range punch of the Ultrasaurus, this battery is mounted at the forefront of the shell just over the neck.  The eight heavy missiles range over 30 kilometers, planing the ground to the target to avoid countermeasures and interceptor guns.  Each missile has enough destructive power to outright kill an Iron Kong and blow a Red Horn to smoldering shreds.

Energized Impact Blade (x6) – head & tail mounted, integrated construction, lateral arcs
Should an enemy get close enough to enter close combat, the Paladin has these defensive blade mounted on the head and tail.   These blades are more a form of energy armor with the potential to damage than outright weapons, but a skilled pilot can certainly use them as knives in a scrap.

Hypercrush Jaws – tail mounted, itegrated construction, rear arc
The original jaws of the Ultrasaurus have been improved and armored on the Paladin.  Though half the size of a Gojulas, they are still capable of cracking armor and rending smaller Zoids limb from limb.

Hypergrav Armored Tail Hammer – tail mounted, integrated construction, rear arc
The defining melee weapon of the Paladin is in the running for the defining melee weapon... period.  A gravity field generator amps up as the tail swings home with enough solid armor to build a Rhimos class.  The effect is awe inspiring to watch; the physical impact of the hammer compromises the target's integrity and the grav system then crushes it, very similarly to the Deadborders of the prior era.
The President of the Helic Republic was still in shock over the report; three Ultrasaurus destroyed, two severely damaged, all in one attack… all by one Zoid.  Though the existence of a super-weapon code-named Tsunami gnawed at his board of military affairs, General Graive assured them that the threat, though dire, was limited to within striking distance of the sea.  The real threat would be the enemy’s move to capitalize on the loss of five heavy command Zoids and their support units.  The Helic perimeter was compromised, but the heart of the Republic would be the next likely target.  Aegis Defensive Industries, a young but ambitious company seeking to move from 50-ton range Zoids into heavier military hardware, had made a bid to attempt to restore or reconfigure the five dilapidated Ultrasaurus chassis, allowing them to study technology and rework their factories to support such large projects.  General Graive convinced the President to approve of the experiment and a convoy of fifteen Gustavs dragged the twisted chassis to ADI.  The analysis took months, the redesign even longer, but at last the Paladin engineers found a way to salvage the Ultrasaurus and reconfigure them for a new role that Graive had identified as the most needed; a rapidly deployable, inland fire platform and command center.
The new chassis was to be an ankylosaurus; leaner, faster, more heavily armored and would possess superior firepower compared to the original Ultrasaurus it was taken from.  Torsos were reengineered, shoulders and support systems reworked, power plants replaced and excess weight and damaged components reduced to scrap.  Without the mass of the neck and the huge base tail section the Zoid’s weight was greatly reduced, and the restructured legs permitted increased speed and modified feet better traction for running in addition to weight load.    This weapon alone weighed more than 40 tons and was capable of crushing a Redhorn to scrap in a single blow.  The dual catapult deck was also retained to afford the Paladin the capability of housing light Zoids and recon units.
Paladin has armor equal in weight to the original Ultrasaurs, but the composite matrix supplies a 20% improvement in projectile stopping power and diffuses energy attacks by 15% over the original formula.  ECM systems have been installed strategically beneath the skin of the RBOZ-030 as well as within armored vents.  These offer minor but not insubstantial countermeasure power, but the crews are wise not to rely on them.  The cornerstone of the Paladin platform is the integrate AEGIS (Arrayed Enhanced-Gravity Integrated Shield) System. While not as powerful as the force field generators of the Shield Liger, the 12 nodes worked together to slide projectiles and even energy beams away from a direct hit.  Further, the new weapons can open fire with the system engaged as the weapon muzzles reached outside of its limited envelope.
The Paladin carries an AI-2 suited more to the role of noble steed than noble knight.  It desires to tromp into battle, to challenge the fangs of more predatory Zoids and to crush lighter units under its heavy feet.  It does not act as a commander with any wisdom or reservation, nor strategy.  On the contrary, the true commander must rein in his land-borne battleship in order for it to function optimally in battle.  For this, despite the formidable combat abilities of the RBOZ-030, the Paladin is best suited to leading from the rear of a formation, bombarding over the heads of its troops.
The Paladin is an exceptional combat and command platform.  Solidly built, fast for its weight, better armed than any Zoid at its tonnage, the RBOZ-030 is a tried and tested weapon of war.  The Paladin is as powerful as a batallion and constitutes a long range artillery division in itself.  Now, as the mighty machines age, they only show the slightest wear.  It would take great effort to improve upon the RBOZ-030... yet an upgrade is doubtless in the future.
In honor of the factory’s first super-Zoid, the new machine was designated RBOZ-030 and was named the Paladin; an powerful warrior of good blessed for a worthy battle.  The first unit was piloted into battle by General Graive himself, but it was the #12 Paladin, built in the 12th month of production signifying ADI’s first successful year, that was dubbed “Helic’s Hammer.”  The mighty Paladin #12 was also destined to be the best and longest lived of the line.
The heavily armored head of the RBOZ-030 Paladin holds the mission commander and the two gun captains that control the gauss cannon batteries.
One of the most important parts of the design was the ring of mighty spikes that surrounded the ankylosaurus.  I wanted something that looked more like the original Zoid designs and less a solid covering.  As the design came closer to conclusion I found that the guns could articulate.  It was actually far more difficult to attach the gun batteries to the shell than it was to build the 74 parts of the guns themselves.
I wanted Paladin to have details that afforded it more realism for those who look deep.  All hydraulics were painted in what has become my scheme, and it was the first custom of mine that I painted cabling in red or blue.  I chose to do this to add color (previously my cables were flat black) and to simulate the viens and arteries of a living animal.  Note, also, that the pistons within the springs are also silvered.
One way I wanted Paladin different from Ultrasaurus was to not use the chest hangar bay as a hangar on the Paladin.  I also thought that installing some form of fold-out gun or missile battery seemed overkill.  In the end I decided to take some interesting pieces and created a large engine room.  I painted the pair of air tanks on the floor the red and blue I had used on the cabling, looking like a form of power or coolant exchanger.  Painting the hydraulics, cables and finding lables that looked best to be of engine room kind.  The three mortars were added as an afterthought, but I'm pleased with them.
I wish I had more shots of the primed Paladin.  There is something about the clean, unfettered appearance of a primed model.  The picture on the right, above, had a red piece because it was an afterthought I had to fill the hole once occupied by the Ultrasaurus' cannons. The red bit is a wheel from a Zabat motorized missile.  It just happened to fit perfectly in the vacant port, and looks the part of heavy equipment.
The final step for Paladin to take the field was to recieve his crew.  Seven pilots came forward to take the controls, and three different uniforms were created to set apart the commander, his first and second officers and the remainder of the crew.  It was the last time I detailed the pilots of my customs, but I would like to re-institute this on future customs.
RBOZ-030 Paladin #12, "Helic's Hammer", takes its place among my other "big guns" Zoids in my top shelf.

1st Place Winner
"Best of Show"
Phenotype 2007
Custom Contest
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